The Kent County Sheriff's Office places a priority interest in the selection and placement of personnel given the contraints of budget and operations objectives. This agency strives to meet and exceed State standards on officer qualifications for employment while maintaining an equal employment opportunity and discrimination-free environment. The Kent County Sheriff's Office will hire the best applicant for each position available.

Employment applications are accepted at any time, even if all positions are filled. Applications are kept on file for (1) one year after which the application will be destroyed.

Permanent Disqualifiers for Prospective Applicants:

Temporary Disqualifiers for Prospective Applicants:

Possible Disqualifiers for Prospective Applicants:

Deputy Sheriff Applicants:

Deputy Sheriff Application                Deputy Sheriff Personal History Statement

Communications Operator Applicants:

Examples of Tasks Performed:

  1. Answers incoming telephone calls, receiving requests for services or information, connects incoming calls to appropriate offices, providing routine information, or taking other appropriate action, receives and relays various types of alarm calls.

  2. Answers 9-1-1 emergency calls and handles each call according to the Kent County Sheriff's Office policies and procedures.

  3. Maintains radio contact with mobile police units, fire protection agencies, other emergency responders in Kent County and other law enforcement agencies, dispatches patrol personnel to investigate incidents or in response to requests for police and other emergency personnel as required and receives reports from mobile units.

  4. Operates teletype, tests equipment to ensure proper working order.

  5. Maintains a log of radio traffic and calls for service, maintains other TCIC/NCIC and FCC directives.

  6. Functions as communications link in event of natural disaster, civil disturbance and hazardous materials incidents.

  7. Assists in training new employees.

  8. Performs other related work as assigned.

Desirable Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:

Communication Operator Application